"La Voz del Pueblo es la Voz de Dios"
Embroidered map of Venezuela
12” X 12”


February 2014
Paracord, threads over bamboo.

Geometric embroidery. 2009

Geometric embroidery. 2009

Ruben Marroquin

The Leopard

Cotton and Linen Embroidery over frame, wood, 40 oz. bottle.

27” X 27” 12”.

Collection of Michael Olszewski.

Embroidery over bamboo and glass bottle.

Ruben Marroquin


Collection of Wallace Bowling and Douglas Dawson.

American Flag 2009 with embroidered stars.

American Flag 2014 with star-shaped buttons
Ruben Marroquin

New York City Map.
Embroidery and collage collaboration with Liz Squillace from http://paradoxink.tumblr.com/

Ruben Marroquin 2014

More images of the making of a New York City Map.

(Source: vine.co)