It is my pleasure to invite you to an exhibit of original art by local artist Ruben Marroquin on Thursday, May 8th 2014.

Marroquinruben is a textile Designer, weaving instructor, painter and sculptor who makes use of traditional crafts like embroidery and weaving to create his art. Marroquin’s art and weaving studio is located on the second floor of the historic Arcade Mall in Downtown Bridgeport.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres
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American Flag.
Embroidered and wrapped bamboo structure.

"La Voz del Pueblo es la Voz de Dios"
Embroidered map of Venezuela
12” X 12”


February 2014
Paracord, threads over bamboo.

Geometric embroidery. 2009

Geometric embroidery. 2009

Ruben Marroquin

The Leopard

Cotton and Linen Embroidery over frame, wood, 40 oz. bottle.

27” X 27” 12”.

Collection of Michael Olszewski.

Embroidery over bamboo and glass bottle.

Ruben Marroquin


Collection of Wallace Bowling and Douglas Dawson.

New York City Map.
Embroidery and collage collaboration with Liz Squillace from

Ruben Marroquin 2014