Embroidery and collage over Tobias Hutzler photograph of Gujarat, India during an annual kite festival.

Hand embroidery by Ruben Marroquin.

Jest Energia Między Namy, (There is energy between us)

Color is energy, drawing is reason, energy is contained within the circumference of reason. From William Blake’s Marriage of Haven and Hell. “Energy is Eternal Delight” W. Blake

Chenille, mason twine, para cords, metallic and natural yarns over bamboo structure.

Ruben Marroquin

The Leopard

Cotton and Linen Embroidery over frame, wood, 40 oz. bottle.

27” X 27” 12”.

Collection of Michael Olszewski.

New York City Map.
Embroidery and collage collaboration with Liz Squillace from http://paradoxink.tumblr.com/

Ruben Marroquin 2014

Ruben Marroquin

White Light 2011-2012

Cotton, Linen and man-made fiber Embroidery over Wooden structure.

36” x 48” x 12”

Collection of Edgar Salgado and Pascal Gartner

Sign Language: S.O.S. Venezuela

Embroidery over hand-woven fabrics. 12” X 12” each

Ruben Marroquin

American Flag.
Embroidered and wrapped bamboo structure.

Ruben Marroquin

Ruben Marroquin

Kite 2011

Embroidery over bamboo structure.

cotton and linen yarns, dyed bamboo.

Dimensions: 60” x 43” x 12”.

Ruben Marroquin


Ruben Marroquin

New York City’s skyline

Embroidery on canvas using cotton sawing threads.

12”x 12” 2009-2010

Weaving and screen printing demonstration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thanks to all the Metropolitan Museum’s staff for organizing and their help assisting us with this event! Create Woven sculptures with artist R..M.

Please join Liz Squillace and Ruben Marroquin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, on Saturday September 27th from 1pm to 4pm, for a celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. Marroquin will be conducting weaving demonstrations, exhibiting examples of his work and participants will get hands on experience on the loom as well as experimenting with unexpected materials to create sculptural artworks inspired by Ruben’s work. Meanwhile Squillace will be screen printing ancient Peruvian textile designs and guiding visitors through the embroidery of these time-honored motifs. We hope to see you there!

(Source: metmuseum.org)

Embroidery over canvas

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Hand-woven panel with Tulip pattern screen print and embroidery. Ruben Marroquin and Paradoxink collaboration

Pork Embroidery Relief

Jasper! Embroidery over T-shirt.
Cotton threads. For http://dertbaggg.tumblr.com/


Some pictures of our current exhibit at Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery in Stamford, CT. 4 artists meditate on a single issue while taking residence at the gallery for a month. My proposal seeks inspiration from the “Ladder of Citizen Participation” by Sherry Arnstein and Martin Puryear’s “Ladder for Booker T. Washington.

With http://paradoxink.tumblr.com/